Thursday, April 16, 2009


A thick, all-pervading mist
Of people and places
Of voices and faces
Of twisted realities
and unending complexities

Trapped within is a free soul
Blinded by the mist
It shivers in the cold
Pure as the ocean water
If left all alone

But lost in the mist
It knows not what to do
There's a whole world to grab at
And myriad places to go to

Holding on to its convictions
it tries to weather the storm
But silent as a shadow
The mist crosses over......

A void
An emptiness so complete
It breeds on innocence
Frozen drops of hope
Falling, falling, falling............

And then a single ray of light
Piercing the heart of darkness
An invisible hand
Painting silver contours on the dark cloud
Rescues it from obscurity

Warmed by the light
Reassured of a presence
The faith returns
And hope rises from the ashes
Again !!

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