Friday, May 16, 2014

Beginning of Ram rajya?

Six thousand lives for six percent growth
Not a bad deal, sirjee
Not bad at all!

He gave us Gujarat
We need development, right?
Never mind Godhra
A blot on the hinterland
Even the moon has spots

He will make a man out of us
Teach us to leave our wives
Wear khakhi shorts
And embark on yatras to annihilate histories

Textbooks will be rewritten
Ram temples will be rebuilt
Ram rajya will return
When Lord Ram himself will lord upon us

We will bomb the bloodsucking neighbours away
They gave us 26/11
We will rule them 24x7

Billions will come rushing in now
Our ratings will soar
FDI, FII, the sleeping sensex will roar

Who cares if the 10% live or die
We can do without them
They are a dark spot on “shining” India
We will shove them away
Sahranpur banega Shanghai
Let us go the China way

What if its their home too
But damn them, they are so few
Let’s build a few more nuclear bombs
And  of course we will subsidise their tombs

Saturday, May 3, 2014

A lament for modern times

Shining iphones with a million apps
Wafer thin handsets, the promise of a zillion pixels
I live in a land of subway surfers and candy crushers
Where our phones are smarter than us
It’s got an eye at the back and a mirror in front
Yet it doesn’t show me
But hey it got 47 likes on facebook, must be a ‘nice’ pic, no?

Let’s burn all the faceless books out there
And download free ebooks
Otherwise what’s the use of that ipad I got
Oh it’s so easy on the eyes, and so many options too
The other day I browsed through a hundred titles
But couldn’t decide on one
Don’t want to waste time on mediocre stuff you see!

Why are the damn birds so angry?
I used to envy their flight once
Tried to emulate it as well
But what the hell
I learnt to tweet instead

The other day, the mirror asked me
Are you all right?
Did you have a breakup?
You haven’t changed your display pic for like a week!
Gosh, I must unfriend that bitch
Don’t worry, I told her
I’ll get over it
Try Black Label, she said
It’s a girl’s new best friend

The world consumed in a race to click the best selfie
While the self lies alone – unheeded
Shrinking into an abysmal wretch
How many friends does it have?
How many likes?