Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Standing alone on the edge of the cliff
Looking at the crowded valley below
He wonders aloud to himself
Why amongst the fast he moves so slow

As the sun rises on the horizon
His mind’s eye wanders far far away
Deep into a world of dreams he falls
Where fish can fly and mountains sway

He belongs to nobody
And there’s none he owns
So he just drifts along
All alone he roams

Drifting in and out of reality
In and out of relationships
In and out of lives
In search of his pleasure

Few strums of a guitar
The yellowing pages of an old book
Drops of dew on a winter morning
Mist on the mountain at dusk

They talk of ambition
He craves for satisfaction
As they make a dash for the finish line
He ambles along smiling

For some, the journey is the destination!!

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