Friday, March 27, 2009

The House With The Broken Window

Deep inside the post- apocalyptic city of my mind
Amidst the ruins of my harrowed existence
At the end of a dilapidated street
There stands a crumbling house- the house with the broken window

There is a sign on the only door which says- YOU ARE NOT WELCOME
The door itself is firmly locked
With the key hidden away in the secret vaults of my heart
And the protective shields around the house playing their part

So that no one but I can go in
And that too, not of my own free will
But when the beast living in the house commits another sin
Or, is it a little child; frightened of the outside,
looking for an escape within??

Inside, cobwebs of broken dreams and incomplete love float around
And silence is the only sound
The acrid smell of despair mixes with the sweet aroma of desire
And paranoia rubs against hope to start a wild fire

In this strange house, I am everything and I am nothing
I am the slave and I am the king
I am the preacher and I am the sinner
I am the loser and I am the winner

Many-a-curious passer by has knocked on the door
Or tried to break the lock, to force his way in
But any attempt to cross the threshold
Is met with a single piercing scream- YOU ARE NOT WELCOME

People say it’s haunted, that house
But I choose to disagree
It is my place of worship, my sacred space
The only place where I can ever be FREE!!!

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