Saturday, August 16, 2014

A raped woman speaks

Go rape your mother first
She deserves to see the real face of the monster she gave birth to
In your childhood
When you sucked at her supple breasts, did you bite them like you did mine..with the same demonic glee?
Did you shove your thing inside her like you did inside me?
If you think it makes a man out of you..go do it to her...
Give her back her love ...along with the interest of your barbarity
If boys are boys let your mother be the certifier of your manhood...she deserves it for spouting out filth like you...
Not I didn't ask for it...didn't want I won't let any other man love me...for I am yours for life ..whether you want me or not...I have a right on your thing...I will hack it up into so many pieces that your tiny brain will not even let you count...
But not before it goes inside your mother...from where it should never have come go on now...prove that you are a "man". and I will rejoice in not being cursed by that evil identity... For I can create what you can only destroy..
Rape me a thousand times and each time I will rise...not as your victim but as the mother you betrayed...

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