Saturday, May 3, 2014

A lament for modern times

Shining iphones with a million apps
Wafer thin handsets, the promise of a zillion pixels
I live in a land of subway surfers and candy crushers
Where our phones are smarter than us
It’s got an eye at the back and a mirror in front
Yet it doesn’t show me
But hey it got 47 likes on facebook, must be a ‘nice’ pic, no?

Let’s burn all the faceless books out there
And download free ebooks
Otherwise what’s the use of that ipad I got
Oh it’s so easy on the eyes, and so many options too
The other day I browsed through a hundred titles
But couldn’t decide on one
Don’t want to waste time on mediocre stuff you see!

Why are the damn birds so angry?
I used to envy their flight once
Tried to emulate it as well
But what the hell
I learnt to tweet instead

The other day, the mirror asked me
Are you all right?
Did you have a breakup?
You haven’t changed your display pic for like a week!
Gosh, I must unfriend that bitch
Don’t worry, I told her
I’ll get over it
Try Black Label, she said
It’s a girl’s new best friend

The world consumed in a race to click the best selfie
While the self lies alone – unheeded
Shrinking into an abysmal wretch
How many friends does it have?
How many likes?