Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Sometimes I wish to let go
Of the strands of sanity
Keeping my feet on the ground
To run off the illuminated roads of reason
Into the infinite clamor of chaos

Maybe I’ll find it there
Hanging from a tree
Lost in the shadows of dry leaves
Hanging upside down
Dancing to the sound of blood
Blood rushing to the top of its head

To the very center
Where madness multiplies
Cancerous in its capacity
To annihilate the thin shards of wisdom
Slowly stumbling out of the cerebella

It used to be a perfect place once
Full of farcical finalities
And sweet submissions
The ground beneath my feet moist enough
To bury my cultured corpse
Mummified by that murderous mind

Now the underworld explodes
With violent struggle for escape
Arms flailing, legs lambasting
Kicking at the frail foundations
Aching for a fresh snort
Of fantasy
A dance to the unending trance
The Tingling jingle of bells
Nagging away at the neurotic walls
Of tyranny’s temple

Blood will be lost
And blood will freeze
Only to condense
In a cacophony of clarity
To set the silent night on fire
To drown the din of desire
In a stringy symphony
Of shadows surreal
Your eyes would be dazed
By the might of light
Emerging from the retinas of
My rectitude
And your ears will burst
From the sound of my solitary recital

Don’t say I didn’t warn you
Don’t plead forgiveness
On the tarmac of my take off
For trespassers will be crushed
With the demonic glee of insanity
Burning in the enigmatic engines of escape
And your screams will drown
In the fluid frenzy
Of my freedom flight!

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  1. flying in a greater chaos..... ?? nice one .. liked everything in it