Friday, January 21, 2011


The shapes me...breaks me ...every morning I wake up to it...lying in my a reluctant lover....who has given me a glimpse of her mysterious beauty...a window to the many enigmas contained in her, then abruptly shut me off at the last moment...Sometimes, a seductress alluring the youthfulness in me with a whiff of her perfume....Sometimes, a masseur to my troubled mind....I revel in the coy joy of having lived inside her all these years...the familiarity with her anatomy lulls me into sweet sleep...Suddenly I wake up to a part of her I never knew existed...brutal, violent...yet being pumped by the same heart that so lovingly cradles my childlike city...”my muse, my whore, my beloved”....I won’t be the same man in another city would be the same without me...I am just one of the many offshoots of her humungous ephemeral being can’t stand up to her permanence....but it can learn from it...learn to with multiple meanings inside it...carry a bouquet of multi-coloured flowers in her all conflicting, fighting parts of me as much as the whole of me...and be in complete harmony with my many restless inhabitants.

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  1. ur city is beautiful.... deserves all this passion.. :)the vagueness is amazing in u.. :)