Monday, July 12, 2010

O Restless Cloud

Where do you travel, O restless cloud?
Is it the wind that moves you
Across the infinite sky
Or is it your desire to see the unseen
To reach the end of being
The genesis...the horizon

Are you not bound by the rich earth?
The mountains that aspire to touch you
Or the ocean that reflects your serenity
Can you not hear the whisper of the birds
Sending their love to you

Oblivious to their desperate calls
To guard over their troubled selves
You drift away into the unknown
The unknowable...

Across the emptiness
Of the full sky
And the barren, thirsty earth
On a journey without an end

A mindless pursuit
There is nothing you create or lay claim upon
No end that you serve
But who else can understand
Why should they?
So carry on my beloved cloud
Float away into a bigger sky.....

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